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meeting. you're watching cbs 25 " eyewitness news" in high definition. >> temperatures flare as a roar sunday showdown on capitol hill. how pro described the urgency to get it done. >> trying to unrathje ella mystery, what's known so far about the gun battle that killed three men in inside an east bay house. >> getting you to move over. how you'll be reminded of cal tran work and what if you don't. just manipulates ago president obama and congressional leaders finished meeting meetings for the night so try to come up with a deal to raise the nation's borrowing limit. president obama says they'll meet again tomorrow because they are up against a deadline and if they don't make it the economy could suffer serious
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consequence, susan mcdepending isis at the white house to explain. >> that meeting broke up about an hour ago, it lasted less than 90 minutes, the president and congressional leaders trying do come to an agreement to cut the budget to meet the republicans deficit requirement. he says that does have to happen, that kind of agreement does have to happen for the nation not to go into default on its loans. the president meets tonight with members of congress to hammer out a deficit reduction plan as an august 2nd deadline looms. >> the failure is not an option, the question is how good a deal is it going to be. they say they need to do it to raise the debt ceiling. >> reporter: the borrowing limit must be raised to prevent the first government denault in u.s. history. washington remains divided. president obama proposed a $4 trillion plan aimed at making a dent in the deficit but over the weekend republicans rejected it saying they won't
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endorse a deal that includes tax increases. >> with 9.2% unemployment it's a terrible idea, it's a job killer. >> reporter: democrats disagree saying they won't have them to shoulder it. >> every day when they work they pay to social security and medicare. why, when it's a paid-for system, should it now have to pay for systems that were caused by bush tax cuts to wealthy, unpaid for wars in iraq and afghanistan. >> reporter: without finding some common ground the u.s. will default which will shake up the financial markets. >> nasty consequence, not just for the united states, but for the entire global economy. because the u.s. is such a big player. >> reporter: the white house says making a deal by the end of the week is crucial in order to meet that august 2nd deadline. now, should the nation reach
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that debt ceiling, the consequences could be devastating. it -- the brunt being felt by everything from businesses, wall street, financial markets would feel that, so would we, right down to individual households, all interest rates would go up, so it really would result in any sector of the economy. not anyone is talking about that being an actual outcome, that's the good news. >> let me ask you about that, all we hear publicly is how they are not compromising, are you hearing anything privately there is a sense of compromise down the road. >> we're sensing there is a true determination to come to an agreement on this deal because there is no alternative. no, these sides are not going to let that happen, they are not going to let the country go into default on its loans for the first time in history. every single person we are hearing from believes there will be a deal because there has to be. >> susan mcginn is, thank you very much. thank you.
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on the early edition, historian patrick sharp a talked about the consequences if the government does not raise the debt ceiling. >> the department will have to decide who it wants to pay and doesn't want to pay and in most likelihood they'll decide to keep paying interest on loans to foreign creditors and not pay citizens, so stop social security payments, medicaid payments to the states, that will likely have disastrous consequences on poverty, unemployment and the economy. >> he says the reason the government is still able to borrow is in spite of the nation's economic crisis it's still the most stable economy in the world so they consider treasury bonds a safe as set. a driver is facing d.u.i. charges after plowing into a fire engine. it happened in san jose. police say the man was driving at a high rate of speed when he hit the back of the fire engine at a house fire. now the force of the impact
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launched the car about 20 feet. the driver was not injured, both the car and the fire engine were damaged. gunfire near mills college in oakland. one person was shot, police found the victim on seminary avenue just before 8:00 last night. the injury does not appear to be life-threatening. no suspects in that shooting. a suspect is still being wanted to be found after a culmination of a drug deal gone bad, three people were shot. michael anderson, 36 years old, 19-year-old donti deloney of oakland and 28-year-old cory walker of san leandro. investigators are talking with two people they call material witnesses currently in custody. tuma state-wide campaign kicks off to make drivers aware of a rule that is ignored.
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it is to remind drivers they are required to slow down and move out of the lane adjacent to caltrans work, police and fire vehicles, and tow trucks. you will see ads on tv and messages on visual billboards, the campaign follows the death of three caltrans workers in less than two months. violators of the "move over" rule can face fans topping $200. trouble in the friendly skies, a united flight from san francisco to franfurts germany was diverted to chicago overnight. it was because of a threatening message on a sticker found in the laugh torrey. the plane was searched, it was cleared and allowed to continue on to germany. we're hearing now from passengers aboard another united flights, this one from chicago, that made an emergency land being because of a belligerent passenger. they asked for help after a large man locked himself in the laugh torii, when the can man finally came out he started screaming and shoved a male
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flight attendant. >> certainly of us jumped on him, took him to the ground, handcuffed him. >> some guys sawed wires in the bathroom hanging from the ceiling, and the mirror was moved. >> we didn't know why he was in the bathroom for so long, the first thought is maybe terrorism. >> the pilot diverted the franfurts-bound flight to cleveland. security and police personnel boarded the plane and took the man away. the party is over, the duke and dutch et of cambridge, how they spent their last day in california. what they did that was not on their schedule. the historicked sullivan theater home to late night, a vandal, what he was caught doing inside the lobby. below average high temperatures, fog, and a chance of drizzle or light rain will are all in the forecast. i've got the details coming right up. i want to crush more cars.
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hour. they left late this afternoon, following a whirlwi the duke and duchess of cambridge are on their way back to london at this hour. they left late this afternoon following a whirlwind visit to southern california. they show us the royal couple charmed locals in the exclusive
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neighborhood they stayed in. they also made an unscheduled stop. [ yelling of children ] >> reporter: it was an unexpected treat gathered around the british consul general's house. the princess and her prince chatted up the crowd, fielding some odd questions. >> did you come to buy our dodgers? >> no. >> that's what i want to know. >> maybe next time. >> reporter: for those only hoping for a royal sighting it was a thrill. >> it felt fantastic. >> she asked her her name and shook both of her hands and she was so friendly and so gracious. >> reporter: at inner city arts they found the beat in one of la's grittiest neighborhoods, skid row. skid row is not lined with royal watchingers. this is where thousands of homeless fight for survival, not a glimpse of royalty. but royal hands but the spotlight on these needy kids who didn't seem as star struck as they were. one even put a scolding on the
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prince for not putting on his apron. the last stop was in a community promoting jobs for veterans. >> this is the last stop of our visit to north america. it's about men and women who of their own free will put their life on the line for their country. >> reporter: a busy weekend, but they have a long flight home to rest. cbs news, los angeles. you might call it a stupid human trick. the ed sullivan theater where david letterman hosts the ""the today show"," glass was broken, a 22-year-old man had broke then to the lobby and the aspiring actor who appeared intoxicated made a mess of the box office area viewing trash across the floor. the man was taken to the hospital for treatment for a cut on his head. no motive yet for the break-in. empty lot, big plans, and
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talk of exclusive bidding rights for development. why santa clara says it's a bad idea for the lot next to the 49ers stadium. how people say star power will be announced to bring prosperity. if, ,, ,,,,,,,,
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closed captioning for "eyewitness news," a san francisco original. he is a four-time super bowl champion and local hero, but can joe montana score with his request for exclusive negotiations with the city of santa clara? anne mackovic on why his past may be incomplete. >> reporter: it's an empty lot
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with big plans, the proposed 49ers stadium in santa clara is supposed to break ground next year costing hundreds of millions of dollars and while the funding isn't completely secured plans are being made for the land across the street. plans almost as big as the man behind them. joe montana, he wants to build an entertainment complex including a luxury hotel, four star restaurant. >> the plan looks good. it's up to us how we negotiate. >> reporter: he wasn't available to speak to me today but he will be at the meeting tuesday ask that the city negotiate only with his group for the next year and a half. >> in the normal course of things the city would put out a request for proposals for the use of city land and entertain whatever comes back to us. >> reporter: but now they are considering skirting that norm? >> because he is joe montana pretty much. >> reporter: and people on the street say it's not a bad idea. >> you got joe montana who by name can bring jobs and revenue
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to the bay area. >> i think he certainly should have first shot, he has done a lot for the community and i think he has class and style and bring in a lot of other players. >> reporter: but the city manager says not so fast. in a report to the council she says, quote "a competitive developer process would ensure the city realizes the highest and best value for the long- term ground leases." and there is a lot of people that agree with her. >> just because he is a great football player and a great 49er player, that doesn't mean he has the podium. >> i'm sure he is a fine businessman, but this is free market, right? >> reporter: either way, you're not gonna see any construction here on this property until at least 2015 because in, the meantime, it's gonna be used as a staging area for the construction materials for the stadium project across the street. in santa clara, anne mackovic, cbs5. let's check in with eric who has our forecast and
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insists it's going to cool down a. >> reporter: a cool-down definitely in store. last week, this week is not the same, going to be cooler, that has to do with this low pressure system working its way into the forecast region. as we look outside we're seeing partly cloudy sky condition, some low clouds working their way into the forecast condition. if you're headed to the game, you're a little late, game time 5:50, temperature currently at 60, breezy conditions as well as that low pressure system starts to push on in and really just disrupt the atmosphere. here is that low pressure system as it pushes on in, we're going to see an increase in low clouds as well as that wind gust and wind speed. as we take a look at this starting to build, hugging the coast here, building to 2500 feet, it will affect a lot of the forecast region. overnight we're going to see, or this evening we'll see temperatures ranging from the low 50s to 80s, low clouds for the coast, breezy condition, sunset 8:33:00 p.m., as we take a look at what we can expect
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for tonight, temperatures trending below average, high 40s to mid-to high 50s for much of the forecast region. trending pretty low for the next couple days. daly city, 59 for you, pative ca, 62 degrees, the coast really ranging from the mid-50s to the low 60, but not much warmer than that. 83 for brentwood, antioch 81, pleasant hills 76, along with walnut creek. when we take a look at what we can expect in petaluma, 57 in bodega bay. this is a cooling trend we can expect the next several days. but by the end of the workweek we'll start to see temperatures building ever so slightly and we'll see a warmup by saturday into sunday. so add a couple of cool days on top and a warm-up by the end of the week. >> all right. thanks much. world cup soccer, even non- fans are gonna start watching. >> yeah, i think it drew a lot of people in. it wasn't brandi chastain type of thing but pretty close.
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a thrilling world cup the united states had to win to keep the dream alive. even on the tour de france, next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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round the world. brandi all right. like i said, world cup soccer, the women are really catching our big attention, even if you don't follow the sport. in the last round they struggled to get where they were today, they took on the best teams in the world, they
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had to win, ha was the equation today. 12 years ago today it was the goal heard around the world. brandi chastain, penalty kick, gave the u.s. the women's world cup. today a quarter final game against brazil with just as much drama. u.s. against marta, the five- time player of the year. just a minute into this match they center but diana kicked it into the brazil net as she tried to keep it a way from amy wall ball game. an own goal gives brazil the lead. marta on the attack, rachael bueller is called for a foul in the box. not just a penalties here but a red card t former stanford player is ejected. the u.s. is down to 10 players. so penalty kick time and hope some low denies kristi an. no harm done. but wait. the controversy, the referee calls encroachment.
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some low argued to no avail. brazil with another chance, this time they let marta do the honors, beat some low, 1-1 game. that's how it end in regulation. bring on 30 minutes of extra time. 90-second manipulates, this is why marta is the best. brazil takes a 2-1 lead. it's not sudden death. the u.s. needs to score. desperation time in the 122 under minute. >> rafino agets across it. a goal. can you believe it? >> if header leveled the match. penalty kicks will now decide it. who blinks first? solo will dive right to stop deany. they lead 3-2, they can win it, as long as lee don't miss. it comes happen down to ali kreiger. she buries it. the u.s. wins as dramatic a
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game as you will see to advance to the semifinals against france. >> that is a perfect example of what this country is about, what the history of this team has always been. we never give up. we went to the last second. we believe we can win this tournament and it's playing 10 men, coming back from a goal down in overtime, to then go to penalties. i don't know if you could write a better script. we've got a win. >> wall balk has been absolutely brilliant for that team. on the strength of his 20- game hitting streak it helps when the manager is bochy, pablo sandoval is added to the all-star roster as a injury replacement. hot day in texas. they literally fried and egg on the cement. trevor cahill, his 8-2 lifetime against the rangers, good early, strikes out josh
5:55 pm
hamilton with a runner at second base. scoreless in the sixth. matt harpring eye son catches him looking, one of 7 strikeouts for the rangers, lefty, next man up, scott sizemore who promptly bounces out to second. the a's fail to score again. hair iswent 7 2/3 scoreless innings. in the home half of the sixth with a runner on adrian beltre plugs one to left center off cahill. it just gets over the wall, two- run home run, his third of the series, check the sweeps, the a's 2-0, oakland is 29-53, 12 games behind texas in the division. okung so had much to smile about. she was 10 strokes back. so got herself back to even par with a 68 and birdied 4 of her first 10 holes in the final round to take the lead. but for the fourth straight day play would be suspended by
5:56 pm
rain. they are going to have to finish the women's u.s. open tomorrow. steve stricker trying to win the john deere classic for the third year in a row. he blue a 5-stroke lead on the front 9, need add par on the 18th to force a sudden death with kyle stanley, but he hits a fantastic shot out of the sand, gives himself a chance to win it outright. >> looking good. oh my goodness. >> for three in a row. >> steve stricker. >> how about that. stricker gets the turkey and wins his second tournament of the year. boy, disastrous day at the tour de france. alberto con take door is bumped and hits a spectator there. another wreck, alexander binakoro crashed into a ditch, broke his pelvis. then keep your eye on the tv cart. hits juan antonio queing la, sending huge land to the ground. somehow both riders were able to continue.
5:57 pm
louis leon sanchez wins today's 9th stage, thomas smoke letter is the new over all leader. tonight on game day, the dating game, "hawaii five-0", and the giants. what man has these three things in common? >> what you remember about those years is i lived in menlo park, and i would get into my car about 4:00 with the air conditioning on, by the time i got to san mateo the air conditions was off, at the airport the heater was on. there is a contrast between what is going on then and now. >> al michaels, tonight, one on one. great stuff. a great hockey game between russia and the united states, miracle on is, he called that too. >> all right. >> awesome. >> thank you dan. after a week of searching still no sign of 7 fishermen missing from northern california. the latest efforts to locate the men dumped into the ocean off the baja peninsula last weekend, the desperation to bring them home soon coming up in half an hour. we will see you at 10:00 and
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11:00 here on cbs5. good night. ,, ,,,,,,
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